Choose Wisely

The South African logistics industry can be likened in many ways to the building industry – an odd comparison, but true. Both industries offer a wide scope of services and affiliated suppliers. As a consumer, the challenge is selecting the service provider most suited to your specific application – for instance, a plumber will fix and install your water pipes, and a kitchen supplier will expertly design, manufacture and install your sparkling new kitchen.

Similarly, logistics companies in South Africa offer diverse, yet specific logistics services. Small boxes and envelopes are best handled by courier companies, and large line-haul trucking companies will take care of your bulk freight.

But what if you need more than just a collection and delivery? What if your consignment needs special care and attention to detail? What if the logistics of getting your consignment delivered forms part of a broader project objective? It’s all about choice – remember? Choosing the services of a logistics supplier not suited to your specific needs results in frustration, disappointment and failed projects. You wouldn’t choose to have your delicate corporate invitations transported on a truck carrying pallets of engine parts, would you?

Enter Redline.

Having an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the logistics services on offer in South Africa has lead to the creation of our business. We cater specifically for specialised transport requirements, and while it may be a small segment of the broader transport industry, it is one we feel passionate about.

Many of our projects revolve around brand implementation, product launches and other marketing initiatives where deadlines, handling instructions and constant updates are paramount. Transporting fragile cargo is another of our specialities and we take great pride in delivering consignments safely that others shy away from. And we love a challenge – try us!

As a consumer, take the time to think carefully, and choose wisely. Choose a company suited to the specific and individual needs of your project. Choose a company that prides itself on finding innovative solutions to project and logistics challenges. Choose a company that cares as much about getting your consignment to the right place, at the right time, and in the right shape –

Choose Redline.