Fragile & Unusual Consignments

Needing to move consignments that demand extra care and attention to detail? Let us know what you need moved – we’ll go out of our way to accommodate you.

Established over 16 years ago, Redline was founded on the belief that South Africa’s logistics industry desperately needed a transport specialist who was both willing and capable of transporting "high care" consignments.

Traditional transport and courier service providers are as a general rule, geared to moving large volumes of normal cargo such as small to medium boxes, and palletised goods.

However, if your goods or products fall into one or more of the following categories, then a more specialized logistics operation may be necessary:

Time sensitive
Special handling instructions

Understanding the nature of your goods, and what it will take to move them safely is fundamental to achieving success – your success. At Redline we'll go out of our way to ask the right questions and see to it that the goods are packaged, transported and handled professionally and appropriately. Getting it right, and helping you achieve your objective is important to us, and part of our culture.

Transport FAQ

Yes. All shipments are covered under our Goods-In-Transit policy. Please enquire for details.

No. Redline is not an accredited Hazardous Goods transporter.

No. All projects and shipments are quoted for individually in advance.

Yes. We operate from a professional warehouse facility that allows us to store, sort and prepare shipments before dispatching.

Redline is built on a culture of respect, and we will go out of our way stick to that principle. Respect for you, our client, and for your goods is what we're about.

Life-Size Elephants

Delicate consignments like these Amarula Elephants take many months to produce, and replacing at short notice is absolutely not an option.


A relatively simple and uncomplicated project in our eyes – yet we take these just as seriously as the more difficult ones.


A heavy and delicate stand, including a glass display box. Delivered in kit form, and assembled by Redline on site.

Haagen Dazs

Everyone loves ice-cream! Transporting the fridges and brand activation elements….that’s what we love.

Typical Projects

Signage Erection and Project Management


A difficult product to transport safely.

By its very nature, signage is highly fragile and always requires special care when transporting. Signs come in ever-changing shapes and sizes and require that the transporter adapt their way of thinking with each shipment.

Packaging and crating plays a crucial role, as does the handling and loading of the different types of sign elements.

Corporate Gift Delivery

Corporate Gifts

Many large corporates make the effort to spoil or thank their clients during the year. Redline offers a professional logistics solution for these delicate deliveries.

It all starts at the planning and sorting process - specific gifts are designated to individual clients and it's critical that we understand exactly what is expected of Redline. Getting involved early allows us to understand the complexities of the project, and we see it through right to the very end, ensuring that the right client gets the right gift, right on time. And intact!

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